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How to Choose a Santa Barbara Family Law Attorney

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So you’ve either been served with divorce papers, or the conversation about separation has gotten serious.  At some point,  you’ve got to obtain legal representation to ensure you are protected, and obtain a fair agreement with your former partner.  You’ve got to protect your children with a healthy and fair custody arrangement, and a fair division of assets.

We have all heard divorce horror stories. Feelings are hurt, it’s a painful time, and you are vulnerable.  Many see attorneys as sharks circling in  the waters ready to eat as much of the marital estate through their high fees as quickly as possible.  Some Santa Barbara family law attorneys that are like that.

But not us.

At Cohn-Rengo, we like to think of ourselves as “problem solvers,” not just attorneys.

We listen deeply, and help you obtain results that are most important to you.  We are experienced and capable litigators. Often, we are able to avoid costly trial proceedings because we skilled negotiators.

This preserves more of our clients assets, versus paying huge legal bills.

We are a small, responsive firm.  We don’t have the overhead of a large firm that will charge you $45.00 every time they pick up the phone and bill you for a 1/10 hour increment. We’re not saying that’s bad, we’re just different.

Like our headline says: “We are lawyers for people who are sick of lawyers.”

We want to help you through divorce with both your dignity and life in tact. We handle all aspects of marital dissolution including spousal support, child custody/visitation and child support.

When circumstances change over time we assist clients in filing for modifications and enforcement of existing support or custody orders.

We also counsel individuals and families in cases of domestic violence and the drafting of pre and postnuptial agreements.

Here are some tips on how to refine your search for a Santa Barbara family law attorney:

  1. Determine if you need a lawyer.  Simple divorces where there is not significant property and no children can often be handled via mediation.
  2. If you decide you need a lawyer, give your spouse time to find representation too.
  3. Ask your divorced friends if they could recommend an attorney.
  4. Make a list of prospective attorneys and begin calling them; responsiveness matters.  If they don’t call you back within a reasonable time before you hire them, chances are that pattern will continue.
  5. Prepare some questions in advance of your consultation.  Good questions to ask are:
  • “How long have you been practicing family law?” You should look for someone who has practiced for several years.
  • “How many divorce cases do you handle per year?” You want to hire someone who spends at least 50% of his or her time doing divorce work.
  • “Do you know the judges in the area?” Knowing the judges who will handle your case is a plus – the judges will be more likely to like the lawyer and trust what he or she says.
  • “Do you know my spouse?” You do not want to hire someone who has a personal or professional relationship with your spouse.

If you or a friend is looking for a divorce & family law attorney in Santa Barbara, give us a call at 805.569.2223.

Our office is conveniently located downtown at:

314 E. Carillo St STE 7
Santa Barbara, CA

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